Planning for RDOF bid
and network delivery success

RDOF: Funding the future of rural America

$20.4 billion over a ten-year period to connect US rural communities to high-speed broadband

Render’s proven Digital Network Construction approach enables rural network operators to deploy gigabit-capable fiber networks at the lowest possible bid and cost to your community.

Render’s role in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction is to deliver technology-enabled efficiencies to all participants and deploy rural networks with significant time, cost, and quality improvements. Our platform is configurable to your planned network architecture and build strategy. Real-time project visibility and templated RDOF reporting capabilities provide confidence in delivering to census blocks and meeting post-award regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Planning for RDOF bid and network delivery success

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How to deploy quality fiber networks faster than ever before

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Planning for RDOF and CAF II network deployment success

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RDOF Planning: 5 steps to network deployment success

Render delivers the following benefits

for rural network operators and their trusted partners

Reduced delivery risk

Access our 40+ years of deployment expertise to inform your delivery model. Render’s technology has industry best practices in digital network deployment to yield predictable results. Seamless real-time tracking of progress against census block objectives enable early identification of performance issues or at-risk delivery to avoid post-award penalties

Unmatched real-time project visibility and RDOF reporting capabilities

Confidence to cover entire census blocks and avoid penalties for missed milestones. Access customized data capture, reporting and compliance templates with built-in HUBB and DODC requirements to satisfy short and long-term regulatory reporting obligations. 

Accelerate network build without increasing costs

Accelerate ‘break-even’ and positive cash flow while connecting members and your community to high-speed internet faster. Prepare your construction scope and schedule with confidence to enable a highly competitive bid while still maintaining build flexibility and sufficient margin or contingency. 

Increased number of HHP

Expand service to meet the needs of additional areas that otherwise would be underserved or unserved.  

Find our how Craighead Electric Cooperative deployed their fiber network 55% ahead of schedule

RDOF Planning: Understanding key deployment criteria

Rural digital opportunity funding will be awarded to the provider offering the highest or ‘best’ service tier at the lowest bid, weighted against service tiers and other conditions

Because of the growth that fiber provides, the FCC is likely to look favorably upon FTTH or mixed technology deployments

Winning bidders must serve every home and business within the auctioned census block group

Winning bidders to meet buildout milestones.  Failure to meet these will result in escalating  non-compliance penalties:

  • 40% completion by end of year 3
  • 20% per year through year 6

Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I, lowered the minimum support threshold to $40 per location (or $30.00 per Tribal location), In addition to 66,000 census block groups – double previous CAF auction – available for bids

Learn how Digital Network Construction enables rural network operators to build quality networks faster

*Render is not a Rural Digital Opportunity Fund applicant or bidding on behalf of applicant. If you have submitted an RDOF short-form application, or are currently bidding, we are across all prohibited communication regulations and have appropriate confidentiality processes in place to enable consultation on the benefits of Render’s construction management platform and how a best-practice digital delivery can de-risk your project.

Render is partnering with RDOF auction participants and consultants interested in the significant time, cost, and quality improvements of a digital approach to deployment. Get in touch today for a platform overview.


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