Fiber network deployment is ripe
for innovation

Traditional construction management methods are struggling to keep pace with today’s large-scale network deployments that are increasingly more complex and distributed by nature.

Despite the large volume of tasks required for network deployment, traditional methods rely heavily on manual processes and involve labor-intensive handoffs with little to no automation.

Yet, a vast majority of the $150b of deep fibre needed in the US by 2025 is being delivered with traditional construction practices that are ripe for innovation.

What is Digital Network Construction?



Transform geospatial network designs into deliverable work

“Blueprinting” is unique to Render and converts rich, geospatial field detail directly into digital labour and material scopes, all sequenced and delivered as manageable pieces of work.

Field teams are assigned specific tasks which specifies exactly what they need to do and captures accurate and timely data in a consistent and structured way, optimising quality and minimising rework.

Construction workflow digitization, automation and optimisation

Eliminate the need for construction packs and the associated manual handoffs by effectively providing robust data sets and a new level of asset-based insights on geospatial maps. Stakeholders can view the entire network layout for construction on an iPad or via a web browser.

Fully configurable forms for each task capture specific completion or “as-built” information including work, material, jeopardy and digital red line data with photo and attachment capabilities.

Real-time, geospatial visibility for all stakeholders

Render’s unique scope methodology means all stakeholders can leverage a common platform to predict, plan, optimize and report progress. Field automation logs completed vs upcoming tasks to accurately forecast and track all delivery metrics – in a single, integrated view.

By utilizing real-time data in the field, management in the office know exactly what work has been done in real-time, enabling them to dynamically monitor throughput and proactively keep teams moving.

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Building a case for efficient network deployment

Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation (CECC) were required to deploy a 3,000-mile fiber network as efficiently as possible, at minimum cost while maintaining the integrity of their existing network Render have enabled the project to:


ahead of deployment schedule yet 12% under budget


Outside plant is being deployed 84% faster than planned


saving in forecasted resourcing

‘With Render productivity is off the charts, data integrity is high, and construction costs are down, all without ever touching a piece of paper. Now I can’t imagine trying to implement a large-scale utilities construction project without Render.'

Jeremiah Sloan

Manager of Fiber Assets  |  Craighead Electric Cooperative


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