2020 has been a year 
like no other.

Despite unprecedented challenges this year, our customers achieved the unexpected and set new benchmarks, connecting communities to the benefits of high-speed broadband faster.

Render in 2020

USD$750m of fiber infrastructure to be constructed by Render

network projects in-flight


US states

miles of fiber underway!

homes and businesses being connected to broadband services

construction tasks completed and photos uploaded


team growth to support our awesome customers

These customers rely on Render to deploy networks more efficiently

ISPs  Rural  Cooperatives  MNOs  LECs

Network Planners & Engineers  Construction Contractors



Customer ROI


achieved with an end-to-end digital deployment approach

“As the industry accelerates its efforts to make broadband a utility as accessible as electricity, innovative tools and methods such as those provided by Render’s platform are essential to the success of those efforts.”

David Malfara, COO, TWN

“The impact you and your partners are having is significant. In fact, today’s industry could not work without you.”

Steve Ross, Editor-at-large, Broadband Communities

“You have visibility of one source of geospatial data, that’s huge. Render has created a connection between design, field engineering, the procurement of materials, and final operations handover. That streamlining is something that has never been done before.”

Gary Ervin, Co-Founder, Ervin Cable

Project Visibility

& Control

“With real-time, accurate data you are eliminating as-built reconciliation between the field and the office. This immediate visibility ensures little to no latency in decision making.” 

“We no longer need to devote resources to preparing status updates, every stakeholder can access a centralized data source. Real-time geospatial progress views enable smart, data-driven decisions on the deployment which really builds confidence in the project.”

Jeremiah Sloan, Fiber Assets Manager, Craighead Electric Cooperative

“Having access to high-level summations of project and subproject progress to direct work crews daily is enormously time-saving and drives efficiencies in resource utilization,  materials procurement as well as financial audit and reporting.”

David Malfara, COO, TWN

“It enables us to see production in real time. Although we have not made it to the end of the build, we can already see the time and money savings due to the automation”

Jessica Reams, Area Project Manager, Ervin Cable



Saving in forecasted admin & field supervisory spend


Project administration resourcing requirements and time-to-invoice reduced by over



faster (3 vs 30 days)

“Render’s digital task management removed the guesswork around data to be captured in the field, and our office had real-time visibility, including when a project was ready for payment, eliminating any cash flow delays. Our objective was to deliver the same amount of work, more efficiently and with greater transparency. Previously a team of dedicated office resources worked around the clock to manage construction.”

Chris Fortnam, General Manager, Controltech Solutions

“Render’s software has saved my company a lot of money by eliminating the number of people needed to manage a project this size from 4 people to 1.”

Coty Cox, Operations Manager, Craighead Electric Cooperative 

Build Networks Better

“Our goal in the first three years was to cover 50% of our membership, we’re going to realize that goal in less than 18 months.”


design validation efficiencies 


ahead of schedule with significantly reduced CAPEX


faster OSP deployment vs planned

“Render introduces valuable operational efficiencies that will complement our overall technology strategy. While respecting the metrics inherent in any fiber network build, Render introduces an innovative approach that addresses logistical complexities typically associated with projects of this scale.”

Thomas Reiman, President, TBG Network Services

“With Render productivity is off the charts, data integrity is high, and construction costs are down, all without ever touching a piece of paper. Now I can’t imagine trying to implement a large-scale utilities construction project without Render.”

Jeremiah Sloan, Fiber Assets Manager, Craighead Electric Cooperative

Strategic Partnership:

For the industry, from the industry

“Being able to talk with the Render team and access your experience in this type of construction and perspective on the project itself, the general buy-in has far exceeded our expectations. That is where we see real value.

Jeremiah Sloan, Fiber Assets Manager, Craighead Electric Cooperative

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