Render’s vision is to connect communities to their potential.  We want the same for our people.

We believe that connection is vital to thriving communities and, likewise, teams thrive when they are connected. The unique contribution of every team member drives our success – wherever they are located – and we’re committed to building a culture that is open, imaginative, collaborative and purposeful – with a hint of Aussie larrikin.

Our Story

Render was founded in 2013 by a group of telco, software and mathematics professionals frustrated with the speed and cost of network rollouts. Our mission: Build Networks Better.

Built on the need for change

With trillions of dollars being spent on network infrastructure projects around the world, finding new ways to maximize productivity and minimize risk has never been more critical.

New solutions to traditional approaches

With a combination of deep industry knowledge, operational experience and expertise across mathematics, data science and software engineering, we’ve been able to create an entirely unique and innovative approach to solving the challenges associated with today’s large-scale network deployments.

Simplify and streamline work allocation and maintain visibility across the entire infrastructure project including subcontractors.

Streamline how project leaders manage and control network rollouts with a bird’s eye view at asset, task and resource level.


Make faster, better decisions to drive productivity for all stakeholders.


Our Locations

Melbourne, Australia

Where it all began. We’re proud of the foundations we have built.

Denver, Colorado

Render USA is headquartered in Denver Colorado

Integrate all project data – including work order, material management, field service management and more – gaining a centralized information source to better predict and manage project performance.


Advanced forecasting and ‘what-if’ scenarios uncover potential risks, enabling greater governance and faster decision making.


"Out of the box" dashboards provide powerful mapping visualizations to track progress from a national to street level.


Meet #TeamRender

John Podlena

Chief Technology Officer, PhD

John established an impressive career leading innovative technology projects with organisations like Boeing. PhD qualified in Computer Science, he is passionate about building great products using new and disruptive technologies.

What has been your coolest project so far?
I’ve worked at some impressive organizations however Render has been the coolest project, by far. Our work covers deep aspects of geospatial manipulation and visualization, “big data” management, mobile and web applications, operations research and data science. So much diversity equates to never a dull moment.

Why is Render is like no other place to work?
Our culture is one which truly values innovation. We live and breathe lean operations; always thinking how to work smarter or minimize waste. We work hard, but also have a lot of fun.

Markus Giesen

Chief Product Officer

Previously at Deloitte Digital, Markus has spearheaded the development of customer innovation practices for some of Australia’s largest brands and is passionate about agile delivery and creating great user experiences.

Can you share a project you’re proud of?
In a recent role, I developed an Innovation Lab that teaches people how to apply human-centred design to everyday problems which has been rolled out to drive innovation in government, banks and telecommunications companies across Australia.

Why is Render is like no other place to work?
Render has a world-class technology platform that is unique to the incumbent network construction market, I would say, the future industry standard of network construction. On a people level, I work with a bunch of dedicated, smart and passionate individuals who care about the difference our technology makes to the lives of our customers.

Current Positions

Melbourne, Australia

Head of Commercial Operations

Denver, Colorado

Solutions Engineer


104/1 Crescent Road

Glen Iris, VIC, 3146



AU. + 61 3 9131 9800

US. +1 8 332 939 013

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