The challenges faced in building a new network to meet today’s communication needs are complex.

The complexity arises due to the fact that decisions are required to optimize build cost, the speed of deployment and future operational costs while at the same time accurately forecast and manage the delivery of large-scale networks to time, budget and quality constraints.


This complexity is amplified with increasing geographic scale. In building today’s fiber networks, thousands of people complete millions of tasks in thousands of locations.

Render’s ‘Strategy 2 Connect’ solution will plan, design, build and connect customers to networks faster and cheaper with higher quality, providing superior management control and reporting capabilities to any other solution available today. 

Strategy and Planning

Initially, high impact decisions need to be made about what technology mix should be deployed and the equipment configuration required to support this choice. Developing a comprehensive network strategy requires finding the balance between delivering superior outcomes while maintaining the lowest possible design and implementation costs.

One of the critical considerations is determining the cost inflection point where the maximum number of customers can be served at the lowest cost with optimal deployment times. Failure to identify this often results in excessive construction cost and wasted resources.


The design of a network is a complex activity involving a vast amount of input data including design rules and physical constraints. High-cost factors and the demand for fast deployment times require network design solutions that ensure superior project results at the lowest possible cost. Leading design solutions generate an optimised network design that considers material and labour costs and can be easily modified and dynamically refined.

Then, throughout the build cycle, rich scope data is maintained enabling greater visibility and control. Render’s unique scope methodology means all project stakeholders see what needs to happen, when and can monitor progress in real-time.

Network rollout efficiency and Industry confidence are enhanced when stakeholders have visibility of a continuous and committed workflow.  Contractors and Suppliers have visibility and certainty of future work.

Effective network deployment relies on getting the right resources to the correct location at the best time. Project managers and field supervisors are able to focus on leading the rollout and solving issues as opposed to reporting with outdated data, and network operators have accurate forecasts of when customers can connect.

Better decisions are made and more risks are mitigated with better data. Render’s control methodology is proven to deploy networks faster and cheaper with higher quality, all whilst keeping stakeholders on the same page throughout the project lifecycle.

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Innovation Solving A Traditional Challenge

Asset focussed automation and optimization utilising today’s technologies, GIS design, operations research, powerful software and a mobile-connected workforce are critical for a successful ‘Strategy 2 Connect’ solution.


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